SEO Course Outline


  1. Basics of website designing/Development
  2. Essentials of good website designing
  3. Usability and User experience in website
  4. On page Optimization Basics
  5. Importance of Domain Name and value
  6. Domain selection
  7. Website structure and navigation menu optimization
  8. Coding best practices
  9. Filename optimization
  10. Title tag optimization
  11. Keywords
  12. Keyword Density analysis
  13. Keyword Research in various search engines
  14. Meta tags
  15. Meta tags optimization
  16. Headers optimization
  17. Seo content writing
  18. Optimizing seo content
  19. Page speed optimization tool
  20. Anchors links optimization
  21. Internal link strategy
  22. Tracking the links and page rank
  23. How to promote home page
  24. keyword research and analysis
  25. introduction to keyword research
  26. business analysis
  27. types of keywords
  28. keyword research methodology
  29. keywords analysis tools
  30. competition analysis
  31. preparing a keyword list for project
  32. localized keyword research
  33. Questions and answers


  1. Submissions to search engines
  2. Introduction to off site optimization
  3. Local marketing of websites depending on locations
  4. Promoting subsequent pages of the websites
  5. Black hat / white hat / gray hat
  6. Submission to relevant directories
  7. Link building methodology
  8. Directory Submissions for seo
  9. Social Bookmarking
  10. Local business listing
  11. Classifieds posting
  12. Using blogs for seo
  13. Blog commenting
  14. Press release submission
  15. Article submission
  16. Video submissions
  17. Social media optimization techniques
  18. RSS feeds submission
  19. Types of linking methods
  20. Free links/paid links
  21. Directory submission
  22. Blog submission
  23. Free classifieds
  24. Forums
  25. Forum signatures and commenting
  26. Press release
  27. Video Optimization

SWOT analysis of website
Target segmentation
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Finding right appropriate keywords


Difference between dynamic and static sites
Seo for wordpress(seo widgets)
Seo for joomla (joomla seo piug in)
SEO for blogspot
How to optimize the flash websites
Header and footer
Header optimization with tag line or catch line
Footer optimization
Creating an HTML and XML sitemaps
URL rewriting techniques(301,302)
Canonical / 404 implementation
HTML validation using W3C
Google seo guidelines
Search Engines v/s directory
Major search Engines and directories
Google page rank
Google sandbox effect
Website Architecture
Hosting selection
How the search engine works
Heat map of home page
Creating robots life
Creating sitemaps
Image tag optimization
Image importance
Anchor text
URL remaining/ rewriting
Google webmaster tools
Yahoo feed submission
Latest updates about seo algorithms
Google webmaster tools